The XX Files Podcast – S02E20 – Humbug
02 Aug. 2016

The XX Files Podcast – S02E20 – Humbug

In our world, unexplained phenomena are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: the mysterious beings who perpetrate these events, and The FBI Agents who investigate them. These are their stories…

Join Courtney and Alison as they recap S02E20 of the X-Files – “Humbug” – and learn about amazing unsolved mysteries such as the difference between a feral child and a dog-faced boy, what to do when you find yourself mindfreaked, and all about the true nature of comedy.


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  1. The "Smoking" Anne says:

    Once upon a time your dear friend Anne wanted to be a Clown/ Circus performer. She even applied to do the Barnum and Bailey Clown College but didn’t get in. Also, I have a bunch of books about sideshow history because I did a research paper on them. Growing up in Seattle Jim Rose was an institution at Folklife and Bumbershoot. Also, if you ever have a chance to go to the Coney Island Side Show or take a class there.. do it.

    You should look into Jenny Haniver.

    The History of Baby Incubators

    Vincent Schiavelli – IS AN AMAZING CHARACTER ACTOR he was also on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    How to Escape A Straight Jacket – With Pictures!!

    History of the word Geek and Geek Show

    In the case of Hypertrichosis they do suggest that people undergo laser hair removal but it doesn’t cure, it just addresses the symptom and can help with the emotional issues regarding stigma.

    Suspension and The Sun Dance…/the-sundance-ritual-how-suspension-started

  2. bastien says:

    I don’t know why you guys kept saying Oogie(sp?), but the dog from Frasier was actually named Moose. He was 15 when he died, not 13. The “memoir” was actually called ‘My Life As a Dog’, not ‘My Story’, and was written by David Hyde Pierce’s husband. Courtney is very misinformed about celebrity dog facts.

    Now, if you’re a fan of Michael Anderson, be sure to watch the amazing-yet-short-lived HBO show Carnivàle, about a traveling carnival during the dust bowl (and way more, but spoilers). Michael Anderson has a starring role as Samson, the manager of the carnival. He’s wonderful, and the show is spooky and incredible and everything that Chris Carter wishes X Files could be.

  3. bastien says:

    The Native American Sun Dance is a real thing, of course, and does sometimes involve self mutilation, including having hooks pierced through your chest and sometimes hanging from them (by leaning back, basically).

    Per the Wikipedia explanation,

    “…in some cases, the ceremonial piercing of skin and a trial of physical endurance…

    …Typically, the sun dance is a grueling ordeal for the dancers, a physical and spiritual test that they offer in sacrifice for their people. According to the Oklahoma Historical Society, young men dance around a pole to which they are fastened by ‘rawhide thongs pegged through the skin of their chests.’ ”

    One was showcased in the AMC show Hell On Wheels, performed by a character played by Cree actor Gerald Auger and overseen by a character played by veteran Cherokee actor Wes Studi.

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