The XX Files Podcast – S02E14 – Die Hand Die Verletzt
21 Jun. 2016

The XX Files Podcast – S02E14 – Die Hand Die Verletzt

In our world, unexplained phenomena are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: the mysterious beings who perpetrate these events, and The FBI Agents who investigate them. These are their stories…

Join Courtney and Alison as they recap S02E14 of the X-Files – “Die Hand Die Verletzt” – and learn about amazing unsolved mysteries such as how Oreo the piglet found his way to the bottom, what the podcast’s new sitcom spin-off is all about, and how Courtney and Alison can remember so many 1990’s alt rock bands.

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  1. The "Smoking" Anne says:

    Satanism –

    In general, from what I have heard from Satanists, which is different than Witch Craft/WICCA/Neo Paganism which is what I grew up in is that is very much the reverse of Catholicism. They believe in taking care of oneself, celebrating life and everyone. They are pretty keen on making sure that freedom of speech and religion are egalitarian.

    Life House is a Christian Band –

    Hoobastank wrote ” The Reason” and it was really popular because of The OC. Hoobastank also wrote this cool song about how having sex is like being in outerspace. It was cool.

    The Curse – I bet that Tia and I ( From The Riverdale Gang Podcast) could help you break your curse… however, having your kids do it would be great. You can also borrow my rats. Also, the “blood” you need… you two produce blood once a month :p

    A reason to go out into the woods – Once upon a time Anne was super inappropriate and her and her friends went camping (it was right after she wrote a paper about The Blair Witch Project) and took a bunch of LSD and then ran around the woods freaking out because “THE BLAIR WITCH WAS GOING TO KILL US” even though we were on Orcas Island. We woke up in the middle of the forest covered in nettle welts and bug bites. We recorded it on a tape recorder… I think my sister still has it somewhere.

    The Satanic Panic – This was also a thing with Pagan families and CPS. There have been a lot of families who were Pagan who had their children taken away because of “Satanism”.

    Die Hand Die Verletzt – This means “The Hand That Wounds”

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